Breastfeeding Struggles

Breastfeeding Struggles and Advice After Two Failed Attempts

When I had my first baby, I was so excited about being able to breastfeed her. I was asked by nurses and doctors all throughout the pregnancy if I was planning on breastfeeding and I always answered yes. Little did I know that I didn’t know anything about breastfeeding.

A Practical One Hour Preschool Homeschool Plan

A Practical One Hour Preschool Homeschool Plan

My husband and I have been considering homeschooling our children. I’ve researched the topic, through our state homeschooling laws and through other bloggers that already homeschool. I’ve read about all the homeschooling styles, the example curriculums, themes, crafts, and many other things other homeschoolers do. But I still don’t feel ready to start. I’m afraid of messing up, of not doing it correctly, but I still believe that this is the best option for our family. So I’ve decided that we should just start, ready or not. I’m hoping that we’ll learn what works best for us along the way.

Expecting Third Baby | Don’t Listen to the Critics and Enjoy the Moment

Expecting Third Baby | Don’t Listen to the Critics and Enjoy the Moment

It’s been a busy, busy time around this home! With a full time job, two toddlers, a husband, and a house to run, it’s a lot for a single person to handle. It’s a wonderful thing that my husband can stay at home with the kids; he helps me so much around the house and keeps the kids well fed, well dressed, and entertained. But even so, moms have a lot of things to do as well. Having kids is no easy task, they are a lot of responsibilities (but a lot of joy). And I’m happy to announced that we are adding a third little angel to our family! She’s due December 1st so I’m almost in my third trimester.

8 Steps to Improve Low Self-Esteem | You Can Do It!

8 Steps To Improve Low Self-Esteem | You Can Do It!

What is self-esteem? In short, it is the way we view ourselves. It is how much we believe in ourselves, in the things we can do and accomplish, in the respect we give ourselves, in the confidence we have in us.

There are two types of self esteems to worry about, the very low self esteem and the very high self esteem. I’m sure you know someone that thinks they are better than others in every single way. Well, that is because they have such a high self esteem, which is not necessarily good. We have to find a balance, somewhere in the middle. Since I’ve never suffered from high self esteem, I won’t write much about it. Instead, I will focus on low self esteem.

The Most Amazing DIY Chicken Coop and Run

The Most Amazing DIY Chicken Coop and Run | Built Using Pallets

I wrote a post a couple of weeks ago about our first time experience with chicks (here). We built a fairly simple and inexpensive chick brooder and it’s still working. Now, I’m going to show you the process to build the most amazing chicken coop and run (well, to me it’s the most amazing one I’ve seen).

A Letter To My Wonderful Husband | A Way To Say Thank You!

A Letter To My Wonderful Husband | A Way to Say Thank You!

Thank you for your dedication to our family and for the way you take care of us every day, without complaining. Thank you for your patience towards me and our little ones. Thank you for listening to me when I’m mad, stressed, happy or sad. I love that about you. Thank you for taking the time to teach our children about right and wrong. And for encouraging me to be the best I can be. You make me a better person, a stronger person, and you’ve taught me how to stand up for myself. Our children love you so much and I do too.

Respectful Children

Raising Respectful Children

If anything, I want you to take away something from this post, and that is: the next time you see a teenager misbehaving, disrespectful, indifferent, annoying, mean, a criminal, and ignorant, make sure that teenager is not yours. Make sure you’ve raised your children better than that. Make sure you’ve raised your children to make you proud, because after all, we’ll be, in part, responsible for their futures, and in turn responsible for the future of an entire country. So let’s make a difference and raise respectful children now. God will help us in our journey.

6 Simple Activities for Toddlers That You Can Do For Free

6 Simple Activities For Toddlers That You Can Do For Free

Our children are very active and we like it that way because I don’t want them in front of the TV, a computer, or a cell phone all day long. So my husband usually has an activity for them in the morning, and we do another one together in the evening after I get home from work. The kids are still little, I guess they’ll always be little for me, but they are relatively small and so they can’t do all the jumping and running around as an older kid can. So we have to find activities that are safe for them to do and fun.

No dream is too big

Fight For Your Dreams!

Maybe you don’t call them dreams, maybe you call them goals. Whatever name, dreams are the driving force behind everything we do. We get up everyday to go to work (or stay at home) for a reason. And I know that sometimes it feels like it’s just for paying bills, but there’s more to life than that. And somewhere deep inside us, we still have dreams and things we want to accomplish in life.

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