Bible Challenge – Day 1 – Love and Respect

Bible Challenge – Day 1 – Love and Respect

Yesterday was a very tough day, emotionally for me. You can read more about it here:

Read more about why I started this 30 day challenge

From that day, I felt that I needed something in my life and as it turns out, I feel like I need more of God in my life. Today, I’ve started a 30 day challenge of reading and studying the Bible. I want to learn the Lord’s word and I hope to make it a habit of reading the Bible everyday so that I can be a better person, a better wife, and a better mother. I love my family, and God loves us, and I want my family to feel God’s love in our lives.

I would like to share with you what I read, my thoughts on it and I hope this inspires you to learn more about the Lord’s word and apply it to your daily life.

I downloaded the application “Bible” on my computer and I’m using the modern version so I can understand the English better. I made a search about “wives” because I’m interested in learning more about what the Bible says about such subject. And I chose Ephesians 5:33, actually I read Ephesians 5:21-33 and the passages before and after it. But I need to understand better Ephesians 5:33, which states “But each one of you must love his wife as he loves himself. And a wife must respect her husband”.

A wife must respect her husband

A wife must respect her husband

“…And a wife must respect her husband”. It’s a powerful statement but how do we accomplish this? I guess this is too short a post to look for a complete answer but┬áthe Bible says a few verses back “…You should be willing to serve your husbands in everything” (Ephesians 5:24). Again, this is a very powerful statement and every feminist would be against what it implies but if we do want a happy, long lasting marriage, it doesn’t seem too far fetched. I’m not saying our husbands control us or that we should let them hit us or force us into something we don’t want to do. But I feel I should be right there, beside him and make him happy. And if respect is what he needs, I’m willing to learn more about what it means to him so that we can be a happy couple, and our children can have a happy life.

I asked my husband what it meant for him to be respected. And the first thing he said is that when he says something, he would like me to do it, so in other words obedience. This is a very difficult thing to do but I’m certain that if I listen to him more and did what he said, we would have less fights. Another thing he mentioned is that when in public, we shouldn’t fight. We really don’t fight in public but it is true that if we are mad at each other, we show it in front of our friends and families.

If you ask your husband what it means for him to be respected, there is a big chance that his answers will be different than what my ┬áhusband said. But I believe that this could solve some of your problems. Communication is a huge part in marriage and a lot of problems can be resolved by just talking about them and agreeing on how to make things better for you. I’m by no means an expert in marriage (after all, lack of communication is what got me here) but this works for me and my husband most of the time. So go and ask your husband how you can show him respect and work on it.

I feel like this is helping me in my journey to becoming a better wife, and I hope it inspires you as well!

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