Bible Challenge – Day 11 – The Best Doctor

Bible Challenge – Day 11 – The Best Doctor

A few months ago, my mom went back to our native country and we’ve been in touch by phone, text or instant messages. Today she gave me the news that she had gone to her yearly check-up and her doctor told her some things didn’t seem normal. And so she had to get some tests done and scans to make sure everything was okay. I guess that when I receive news like this, my first tendency is to think the worse and this really came as a surprise to me. My mom has always been very healthy and, although she didn’t visit the doctor yearly as she was supposed to, nothing ever came back bad.

My mom’s news were in the morning and I’ve been thinking about her all day long. I just spoke with her a few minutes ago and she told me she was picking-up her results but that her doctor wouldn’t see her until tomorrow to analyze them. So I guess I’ll just have to wait until tomorrow and pray for the best.

A few days ago, my daughter had fever and we thought it was because she was getting her molars. She seemed fine otherwise but was putting her fingers on her mouth, which is something she never does. She is two and a half so it makes sense that she’s getting them. She didn’t have fever for a few days, but then yesterday she had a very high fever again. Medicine keeps it under control but I just hope it is the molars and nothing else. This evening she was having fruit, papaya to be specific, and she threw up all over her. Of course, she was upset but after a little while, she went back to her normal self.

Now combining my mom and her news, and my daughter and her fever, I’m a little worried yes (okay, a lot). But I know that God is a great healer, He is the best doctor. And so today, I wanted to read some about His work with the sick. And this is what Luke 4:39 says, “He stood very close to her and ordered the sickness to go away. The sickness left her, and she got up and began serving them.”

God is the best doctor and will take sickness away

God is the best doctor and will take sickness away

And today I’m praying to God that He takes all the sickness in my mom’s and my little girl’s bodies away. To make them healthy, energized and strong. To give them His protection over all evil and if there is something wrong, to give us strength to overcome all obstacles. And I pray to God that if there is someone in your life, or yourself, that is going through any sickness to take it away. And to give you strength to overcome all evil.

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