Bible Challenge – Day 12 – Serve Others

Bible Challenge – Day 12 – Serve Others

Today I read the encouraging word of the day on KLove and it came from Matthew 20:28: “For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve others and to give his life as a ransom for many.” So I decided to read a little bit more of Matthew 20 and learn what it said about our God.

Serve others and have a humble heart to honor God

Serve others and have a humble heart to honor God

In today’s world, I see a lot of issues everywhere, even within my own family, that did not really existed in the old times. I remember a few years ago I interviewed my grandmother for a class project and we talked about her childhood. She was the oldest of her siblings so she really had to help a lot around the house and to take care of her brothers and sisters. I believe it was 12 of them altogether. But she told me she had a lot of responsibilities around the house that she knew she had to do. There was no talking back to her parents, no procrastinating, no misbehaving, and really no fun for her. She really had a lot in her plate and didn’t enjoy her childhood as a child should.

As she grew up and got married at a young age, she had to take care of her household and everything that came with a new marriage, 4 children and all. But in time, her mother-in-law got really sick and she took it upon her to take care of her too. At one point, my great-grandmother lost her legs and she couldn’t walk anymore. My grandma would watch her, feed her, bathe her, and keep her company as much as she could; treating her much like her own child. I still remember my great-grandmother and she passed away when as a small child but I never heard my grandmother complain about her or what she had to do to keep her comfortable.

Then as time passed, my grandfather got sick too. He already passed away to a better world after lots of years of suffering. But my grandma was there all the time, caring for him. She would work with him side by side, took him to doctor appointments, made sure he took his medicine and kept him company. After he died, she devoted herself to serving God. She got involved in church more, from serving in church to having a study group, attending retreats and church vigils. She does it all.

Only yesterday I learned that she was with one of her daughters, taking care of her because she had a surgery not long ago. And there she is, my grandmother serving and taking care of people.

On my interview, I asked her if she felt like it was a burden on her to have taken care of all the persons she took care of and she said no. She is a very religious person and so she believes that God has set a certain path and that she is supposed to follow. She used the phrase to aguntar la cruz que nos toca, which refers to the idea that Jesus Christ had to carry his cross, and so we should endure the one that was given to us. She told me that death is going to come sooner or later and that we can prepare ourselves for it by being in the good graces of God. She believes that Jesus resuscitated and she wants to resuscitate with him. She said it was an honor to have taken of my great-grandmother and my grandfather.

Why am I telling you all of this? Because I think my grandmother is a great example of what it means to serve. She did everything out of her own heart and did it with joy to honor God. And I feel this is something that is slowly diminishing from our society. Children are becoming more and more disobedient towards their parents and they do things that were not allowed in previous generations. And we need to understand that children are the future and if they are not prepared, the future will be a disaster.

That is why I encourage you to serve and to teach your children to serve in the name of the Lord. I know life can be difficult at times, but if we prepare our children now, they will be ready for the future. They will know how to confront hard times when we are no longer here for them. And they will look up to God and follow his example because that is what you thought them. Let’s encourage humble hearts so that arrogance and evil do not overcome them. 

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