Bible Challenge – Day 14 – God Loves Us

Bible Challenge – Day 14 – God Loves Us

Would you die for someone else? Maybe if it is for someone you really cared about, and loved. Someone you knew, a family member, your husband, your wife, your child, your parent, your sibling. Such a sacrifice requires a certain kind of love, I think, to have for another human being. I think we are willing to sacrifice ourselves for a person we couldn’t live without. A very special person for us, that we cherish with all our heart, and we love with all our might.

But would you die for someone you didn’t know? This is a big commitment. Why would someone do such a thing for a stranger? I don’t know. I do know that if the life of my loved one was in danger, I wouldn’t hesitate to step in and take his/her place, but I don’t think I would do it for a stranger. Does this make me a bad person? We are all sinners so it’s part of us and this is a tough question.

How many times have we seen the case where there are 10 people in one place and a loved one in another, all in danger. You can save those 10 people or you can save your loved one but you cannot save both groups. Logically speaking, it would be best to save 10 people but emotionally speaking, it makes sense to save your loved one. Such a dilemma that I’m not prepared to answer. My philosophy¬†classes came flooding back.

Where am I going with this? There is one person that sacrificed himself to save us all. And He is Jesus Christ, the son of God. And He did it because God loves us all: “But Christ died for us while we were still sinners, and by this God showed how much he loves us.” ~Romans 5:8

Christ died for us while we were still sinners, and by this God showed how much he loves us" ~Romans 5:8

Christ died for us while we were still sinners, and by this God showed how much he loves us” ~Romans 5:8

For me, it’s hard to think about sacrificing myself to save strangers in a world that can sometimes be cruel and menacing. But Jesus did it, and in doing so, He set us free. I’ve been learning more about him in these last few days but I still have a lot to learn about Him. I hope this next few days I can learn more about Him and His teachings.

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