Bible Challenge – Day 19 – Be Humble

Bible Challenge – Day 19 – Be Humble

My husband and I tend to have a good communication in our marriage. We tend to talk about everything and anything and I think this is a very important thing in every relationship, to talk so that we understand each other.

We don’t have a perfect marriage and I don’t think it’ll ever be perfect, but I want us to grow old together and be an example to our children and others of what marriage should be: love, trust, happiness, acceptance, companionship, hope, and more.

My husband and I have very different personalities and we like different things. Of course, we share many things but we are separate people so we both see things differently and think differently. And this is a good thing most of the time because if we were the same, we would really be a boring couple.

But one of the things that I feel he needs to work on in his pride. He is such a proud man and that can work towards him or against him. If we argue about something or get mad at each other for any reason, he’s usually not the one to make things right. He will wait for me to start a conversation and then we’ll talk and fix things.

I understand he was a different background in life than me, and that has really shaped him to be the man he is today. But when we first got married, he would get jealous a lot. And this was hard on both of us because we would have various arguments due to this. He would get jealous from men that worked with me, or even if we went to the store and other men looked at me. And I thought it was a little ridiculous. Of course, when we were dating he didn’t really show this side of him.

As a couple, we worked on this and made sure we would always talk to avoid any kind of reasons for him to be jealous about. But today, it happened again. There is this sweet lady that is retiring from work and our co-workers wanted to give her a goodbye party that I wasn’t planning on attending. But I reconsider because I really like her and I’m going to miss her.

The gathering was going to be in a bar and there was going to be alcohol and lots of people. I told my husband that I was going to attend for a little while and then come back to work. I could hear in his voice that he didn’t like that but I still decided to go because there were going to be other people there that didn’t drink. So I went to the gathering and had water and cake because I don’t drink alcohol.

A few hours later, I was about to go home when my husband texted me if I could drive or if I wanted him to come get him. And I talked to him on the phone and he said the same thing. I told him I was completely fine and I would see him home. I got home and he was just mad. I didn’t really understand why he was mad. He knows I don’t drink and he knows I would never cheat on him in any way.

So it took a few minutes for him to come back to reality and stop being silly. We talked, we hugged, we kissed and we are okay now. But I just thought this was an unnecessary process to go through. I told him that if I wanted to be with other men, I would not have married him. And that I would always be faithful to him.

He is the best husband and father in the world, not perfect, but the best. And I want to pray for him so that God can take his pride away and make him a humble man. And I really would like for him to talk to God whenever he feels insecure in moments like this, and to ask God to show him the way he should react in a situation like this.

Proverbs 18:12 say “A proud person will soon be ruined, but a humble person will be honored.” And I want my husband to be humble in all he does, and I don’t want him or our marriage to be destroyed due to his pride.

A proud person will soon be ruined, but a humble person will be honored. ~Proverbs 18:12

A proud person will soon be ruined, but a humble person will be honored. ~Proverbs 18:12

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