Bible Challenge – Day 21 – Be Like Little Children

Bible Challenge – Day 21 – Be Like Little Children

Friday at last! Today was a short day at work; I got to leave early and ran some errands. When I got home, my children were supposed to be taking their nap, but to my surprised they were still awake. My husband said he had been struggling with them for an hour but to no avail. I think it was the weather, there were some thunderstorms going on and it was all humid and hot. Or maybe it was because they got up late today. Or maybe the little sugar my husband said he put in their lunch smoothie. I’m not sure, but I wasn’t going to fight their will.

We decided to go to the store since my husband needed some tools for something (he’s going to work on our SUV this weekend and always needs new tools :). So we went shopping and I could see that my children were a little tire but neither one went to sleep in their car seat. My oldest can go a whole day without her nap; she has done it before. But I wasn’t sure about my 15 month old. Then we stopped to eat something and they did really well. They had their favorite, mac and cheese, with some biscuit and jelly. I know it’s a weird combination but once in awhile, it doesn’t hurt.

Afterwards, we decided it was still too early to go back home since they were not going to take their nap. They were going to wait until 8pm to go to sleep. My husband had wanted to go to this place where there is a bridge that crosses above the interstate and he had seen there was access near a mall. So we went there and it was a very nice experience. Here they are below, watching the cars:

Watching cars

By the time we finished walking, it was 6pm. We decided to stop at my sister’s house to pay them a visit and so the children could play with their cousin. We were outside the whole time and I could tell they were tired already. After an hour and half, we were about to leave when my daughter told me hurriedly that she wanted to go pee-pee. She had this pitch in her voice that told me I would probably not make it on time to the bathroom. And my suspension was correct, we didn’t even make it inside the house when she peed all over herself. These type of accidents usually don’t happen because we kind of know when she has to go, and most of the time she is really good about telling us. I can’t remember the last accident she had. But she got carried away, playing with her cousin that she forgot she had to go number one.

I got a little mad at her but to be honest, it could have been prevented if we had asked her if she had to go. It’s a good thing I always have a second set of clothes in our diaper bag, for both of them. So I cleaned her up and we said our good-byes. As soon as we got home, the crying started. Of course, they were both exhausted and wanted their warm milk to go to bed. Since it had been about 4 hours since we last ate, they had a little oatmeal, while both being cranky, and then their milk. A quick change to their PJs and off to bed they went. It did not take them long at all to fall down asleep. That’s where they are right now, having sweet dreams.

No one prepares us to be parents. I feel like it’s one of the most important roles we play in our lives, but there is really no “official” training on the important parenting things. We have to learn the hard way. But I love every single bit of it. My husband and I were talking today about how when he was single, or even when we got married but before having our children, he would always go to bed late for some reason or another and he wouldn’t sleep too well. Now, we don’t sleep well sometimes but there are two very important reasons in our lives for that.

I came across Matthew 18:3 today, “Then he said, “The truth is, you must change your thinking and become like little children. If you don’t do this, you will never enter God’s kingdom.”

Be like little children to enter God's kingdom

Jesus mentions little children again in Matthew 19:14 and I thought that this was so true. Children are innocent of any sin; they don’t do things purposely to bother you. They are the light of the world, and my children are the light of my world. I love them so much and they are the reason why I get up every morning to go to work. And they are the reason I come home so eagerly to get those free kisses and huggs that I’ve been waiting for the entire day.

As we grow up and our responsibilities increase, we change. As we get into the work-home-work-home routine, the light of hope in our eyes changes. This happened to me. When I was younger, I was full of innocence and sweetness; I really was very nice and tried to see all the positive things in life. I could feel my eyes shimmer every time I got excited about something. Then, something happened and I changed. The shimmer was no longer there. But now, I’m getting it back. I can feel it again in my eyes and I like to share that with my children and the world. I like to be the person that smiles at everyone and anyone that crosses my path, because a smile is contagious.

So let’s be more like little children and let’s have more hope and more innocence. Let’s dream of a better tomorrow and honor God in all we do.

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