Bible Challenge – Day 23 – Work on Sunday?

Bible Challenge – Day 23 – Work on Sunday?

This weekend was a very busy weekend. Today my husband spent the entire day working on our SUV, and when I mean the entire day I mean it! He only stopped to eat and to go to the store twice for some pieces he was missing. My dad helped him for most of the day. And my son’s Godparents came to visit; they spent part of the evening with us. It was a very nice day. Although my husband misplaced the debit card again, but he found it after a few minutes of searching. And no, I didn’t get mad, but it did bother me a little.

I only had to watch the children, and make sure they were tended to. This is not as easy as it sounds. Those children can wear you out. But I love them so much and I had a great time being with them; it was like a mom and kids only day, well most of the day until my son’s Godparents arrived.

All this work we did today got me thinking about something I read in the Bible, should we work on Sunday? The 4th Commandment states to rest on the seventh day (Exodus 20:10) but in today’s society is very complicated to skip a day of work. If you don’t have to work on the weekend at your regular paying job, you certainly get to work at home. I mean someone has to do the dishes, cook, take out the trash and do all the things we don’t have time to do during the weekdays.

I came across this site with an in depth answer to this question and I have to agree with most it says. I think that times are different now and it is nearly impossible to stop working. What I do think is that we need to take a break from our “regular” job and enjoy other things. For me, it means taking off from my paying job and enjoying my family as much as possible. And since life keeps going, we certainly still have to do things around the house but at least we can share those things with the family as well.

It is also important to point out that Jesus “worked” during the Sabbath day. John 9:14 says “The day Jesus had made mud and healed the man’s eyes was a Sabbath day.” Jesus was a great man and He wouldn’t stop doing good just because it was a day of rest.

We need a rest day but it doesn't necessarily mean we cannot work on Sunday

We need a rest day but it doesn’t necessarily mean we cannot work on Sunday

So find your Sabbath and pursue something that you really enjoy doing and do it. You can’t work every single day every year, that would be very exhausting, both mentally and physically. Take time to do something good for you and/or others, be it your family, friends or strangers. God wants us to do good things no matter the day.

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