Bible Challenge – Day 4 – Praise the Lord

Bible Challenge – Day 4 – Praise the Lord

Today was a nice day; it was a great day! It was very busy but it was wonderful. I was late to work. I actually turned off my alarm and fell back asleep; a message woke me up but we were all asleep, which is surprising because my daughter usually wakes up early. This daylight savings time change is really getting to us.

My son had his 15 month-old check up with his doctor, he got one shot but he did better than I expected. When I got home from work, the kids and my husband were outside playing; it was about 78 degrees outside and they just love to be outdoors. My husband recently built a swing for them and we spent a lot of time on it today. My daughter didn’t want to come inside for dinner so she had a little melt down but she was hungry. We all ate an easy meal and afterwards went back outside.

We are actually starting a small garden and we planted the seeds today. I was trying to get my kids involved but they got bored after a little while so all three left me on my own. It felt nice to plant those seeds; I’m excited to see our garden a few months from now. While I was planting, my husband and the kids were on the swing. But he only built one swing and we have two toddlers who just love to be on the swing, so he decided to build a second, less advanced, one for our daughter. Since she can hold on better, the new one didn’t have a back (she actually fell down once or twice) but she did great. So we probably spend about an hour there. We also have some chalk paint and it’s lovely to see them trying to draw something.

Praise the Lord's glory and power ~ Psalms 29

Praise the Lord’s glory and power ~ Psalms 29

And I’m extremely happy that today I did not get mad at all, for anything. It feels AMAZING! I didn’t yell at my children or my husband, it was just a wonderful day. God is great, he is powerful. And for that, I read Psalms 29 today. I want to thank him and to praise him for what He is doing in my life. Although it has only been 4 days that I have been reading the Bible, it’s making a huge impact already. I know that there will be challenges in the future, but I will continue on reading and learning more about God’s word. I want to be the best person, wife and mother that He can transform me into. I encourage you to start your journey today. God has no limits and whatever you are going through, he can make it better.

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