Bible Challenge – Day 7 – Let Go of Selfishness

Bible Challenge – Day 7 – Let Go of Selfishness

Friday at last! And I’m proud to say that I’ve read the Bible for 7 days now, even if it’s just little pieces. I’m getting into the habit of reading, and that’s good, right? I actually looked at purchasing a nice, journaling Bible today but I think that will have to wait for a few weeks.

Last night while I was watching some mindless TV, I saw an ad for a closeout store. It showed digital cameras at $10 and other electronics at a huge discounted price. Of course, I got excited because I’ve been looking for an awesome deal on a camera to take better pictures for my blog. But the store is about an hour away from where we live. So we decided to take a trip and see if we found something good. My dad got excited so he decided to go as well. It’s a good thing my children love to go out and so they get excited when we go driving but after an hour, it gets a little tricky.

After driving around for about 10 minutes to find the store, we finally found it. And to our surprise, the greeting lady said we had to pay $5.00 per adult to enter the store. My husband didn’t like this and so he didn’t go in. He went back to the SUV with our son to wait. My dad and I decided to give it a try so we paid our $5 each, and went in with my daughter. Needless to say, we didn’t find the $10 camera I was looking for. The place was awful. It was like a little flea market with different vendors and nothing was really a good deal.

We went out with minus $10 in our pocket and no goods. I was disappointed that we had driven all the way there for nothing, and a little mad too. But since my resolution with this 30 day challenge is to try and control my temper, I didn’t say much. We actually stopped by to eat and try to enjoy our evening. It was a really nice day out and so we stopped at a store at our way home since my dad was looking for a tool. And we tried to make the best out of it.

This made me think about how the ad was very misleading and the products were not as they advertised. And it just made me think that the people running the store are not honest at all; they didn’t advertised the $5 we had to pay upfront. And I felt cheated. I guess I should have known better but I thought it was a nice opportunity. And then I started thinking about how some people in life are like this, and sometimes those same people are causing us harm by arguing and fighting with us. I know we humans are selfish but I think we need to re-evaluate what we do to each other to make this a better place.

And we need to start with our families. We need to let go of all the bad things, and focus on everything good, on everything that God has to offer for us. I encourage you to learn more about God’s word and make your life better for you and your family.

We need to let go of all selfishness to make the world a better place

We need to let go of all selfishness to make the world a better place

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