The Most Amazing DIY Chicken Coop and Run

The Most Amazing DIY Chicken Coop and Run | Built Using Pallets

I wrote a post a couple of weeks ago about our first time experience with chicks (here). We built a fairly simple and inexpensive chick brooder and it’s still working. Now, I’m going to show you the process to build the most amazing chicken coop and run (well, to me it’s the most amazing one I’ve seen).

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6 Simple Activities for Toddlers That You Can Do For Free

6 Simple Activities For Toddlers That You Can Do For Free

Our children are very active and we like it that way because I don’t want them in front of the TV, a computer, or a cell phone all day long. So my husband usually has an activity for them in the morning, and we do another one together in the evening after I get home from work. The kids are still little, I guess they’ll always be little for me, but they are relatively small and so they can’t do all the jumping and running around as an older kid can. So we have to find activities that are safe for them to do and fun.

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Baby Chick

Baby Chicks and Brooder

This year, as a family, we have been doing things we’ve never done before, well then again we have toddlers so there’s something new everyday with them around. I think the projects we’ve done, and are in the middle of doing, are mainly because of our children. My husband built a couple of swings for them, a see-saw, an awesome bird-house, and is in the middle of building a chicken coop. Yes, we got chicks! As a side note, I’m hoping to write the instructions on these projects and how we are saving money on them.

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